Maintain 24 oz for Shield Technology

Maintain 24 oz for Shield Technology by The Tile Doctor


Maintain 24 oz for Shield Technology

24 oz ready to use spray bottle

Properly maintain surface that has been treated with Advanced Shield Antimicrobial - Antibacterial - Antifungal system

Maintain for use with Shield

  • Environmentally friendly cleaner maintains and preserves Tile Doctor Shield treated surfaces.
  • Replaces all other household cleaners!

Why do I need to use the Maintain product? The Shield surface is inhospitable to microbes if properly applied and maintained. The use of toxic and unfriendly chemicals for microbial control is no longer needed. But you do have to clean your surface. For regular maintenance the use of a microfiber cloth with water and if you desire adding a mild detergent or baking powder is all you'll need to keep the surface free of dirt and grime. But it is important to regularly use the Maintain to keep the surface free of contaminants and buildup to keep the surface working properly.

Maintain is an environmentally friendly cleaner formulated specifically to keep the Shield's surface fully active and working. Maintain should be a regular part of your maintenance to keep the Shield surface fully effective.

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