Pro 72 x 72 Shower Systems Waterproofing Kit for Tile Showers

Pro 72 x 72 Shower Systems Waterproofing Kit for Tile Showers by Pro-Source Center

This product has been replaced by the following product:

PSC Pro GEN II 72x72 Custom Tile Waterproofing Shower Kit

waterproofing shower kit, PSC Pro Generation 2 72" x 72" (6 x 6 ft) Custom Tiled Shower Waterproofing Kit - in ABS or PVC

  • Complete, easy to install and customizable waterproofing shower kit for maintenance free tile showers
  • Installs with modified thin-set mortar for better bond.
  • Multiple drain grate cover colors choices, friction fit design and integrated hair trap
  • Strong GEN 2 drain flange available in ABS or PVC

$632.56 - $798.48

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Pro 72 x 72 Shower Systems Waterproofing Kit for Tile Showers

This Kit has been replaced by the improved PSC Gen 2 72x72 kit

A complete, easy to install


A kit for maintenance-free tiled showers.

ProVa Shower System

Note: video provides an excellent general guideline for installation. Some actual steps may vary, or additional steps may be required.

Pro 72 x 72 Shower Systems Superior Shower Kits

  • All the components required to build a fully bonded water tight assembly for tiled showers.
  • No waiting time between steps; tiles can be installed immediately
  • Protects wall cavities against water and vapor penetrations.
  • Prefabricated sloped pan eliminates mortar bed, reducing weight and installation time.
  • System can use modified thinset for better adhesion and elimination of failure possibilities.
  • Install glass tiles with this system where unmodified thinset systems don't allow these materials.

The Pro Shower Kit Package

Choose from 5 grates



(Note: kit may include 2 different colors of waterproofing membranes)

  1. 1 Shower Tray, 72" x 72" (pan)
  2. 216 SF Waterproofing membrane (usually in 2 separate rolls; colors may vary)
  3. 1 - 82' x 5" Waterproofing Joint Strip
  4. 1 Pro-Va Drain, with integrated bonding flange and your choice of Drain grate
  5. 4 Pro-Va Inside Corners
  6. OPTIONAL: Curb and 2 Outside Corners


Easy Installation

Step1 Step2 Step3 Step 4-5
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4-5
Step6 Step7-8 Step9-10 Step11-12
Step 6 Step 7-8 Step 9-10 Step 11-12
Step 13 Step14-15 Step16 Step17
Step 13 Step 14-15 Step 16 Step 17

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Complete your installation by adding a curb to your order:

Optional Curb Overlays:
(may ship in multiple sections)
Noblecurboverlay img Noble Curb Overlays (over 2 by 4s)

Optional 4' Solid Curb:

NobleSolidCurb img Noble Solid Shower Curb 4'

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