PSC Gen II Waterproofing Shower Kit Similar to Kerdi

PSC Gen II Waterproofing Shower Kit Similar to Kerdi by Pro-Source Center

$266.88 - $549.21

PSC Pro Generation II Waterproofing Shower Kit shower Similar to Kerdi

  • High performance waterproofing shower kit for DIY n contractors.
  • Installs with modified thinset mortar.
  • Multiple grate cover color choices, Integrated Hair Trap.
  • PSC GEN 2 drain flange ABS or PVC

Consult SF - shower size chart below before selecting a kit

This kit not only waterproofs the single layer sloped mud floor, but also provides for a seamless waterproofing of most or all of the wall areas, curbs, etc.

This kit is designed for DIY'ers and contractors.

Recommended Waterproofing membrane Square Foot Choice based on typical shower layouts - Choose appropriate selection

Typical Kit Sizes - these are popular sizes that typically correspond to needed SF Square Feet (SF) of WP waterproof membrane
48" x 48" or 32" x 60" or smaller 108 SF
48" x 60" or 48" x 72" or 60" x 60" 135 SF
72" x 72" or 48" x 96" 216 SF
72" x 108" and larger showers and steam rooms 323 SF

This table provides only general guidance. Kit sizes assume membrane will go up the wall high enough out of wet area but not necessarily up to ceiling. You are responsible for calculating how many SF of waterproofing membrane you require or want (many installers go up to ceiling if tiling to ceiling). One method is to calculate exact area to be covered, multiply by 1.08 then round up. Any SF needed beyond the set sizes can be added with the recommended related WP per SF product listing.

Why Is PSC Gen 2 Better?

PSC GEN II Mud Kit Installation

  • Includes all the components required to build an fully-bonded water-tight assembly for tiled showers
  • Ideal for installers experienced with floating their own dry-pack mortar floor, this system is easy as 1,2,3: Set and glue drain flange to plumbing, pack and slope your floor, apply waterproof membrane to all surfaces (Note: you would skip all steps in video related to quick-pitch sticks)
  • Extremely reliable yet easy to construct
  • Can be easily modified to accommodate smaller or larger installations
  • Can be easily modified for non-standard drain locations (e.g. offset or double offset)
  • You build your own single layer dry-pack mortar sloped concrete floor. No need for the second pre-pitch or pre-slope concrete floor
  • Kit improved to include the strongest and most reliable drain flange for membrane systems on the market
  • Drain flange allows the flexibility of multiple adjustment to riser assembly at end of install
  • Riser-Grate assembly includes a construction plug and features locking grout and mortar grooves to ensure the strongest and most reliable final installation
  • Riser threads into super-strong locking ring to provide ultimate strength and security while still allowing adjust-ability
  • Numerous grate color and style choices available that offer easy removal/reinsertion so that integrated hair trap can be frequently and quickly serviced with no small screws to lose
  • Protects floor, corners, edges, curbs and wall cavities against water and vapor penetrations. In steam applications, all surfaces can be protected
  • Protects all surfaces, particularly in joints and corners, from grout cracking or tile instability
  • Installation can use recommended high-quality modified thin-set mortar readily available from multiple manufacturers for better adhesion and elimination of failure possibilities.
  • Install glass tiles and other high-density materials with this system where other unmodified thin-set systems don't allow these materials.
  • Membrane tested at 0.07 PERM rating - much lower than required for steam showers! Other systems require specialized high-cost membrane for steam
  • Installation methods very similar but easier than competing kits - little to no retraining required for contractors
  • If installer accidentally damages membrane, problem can be easily identified and repaired before flood testing or tile installation
  • Materials are backed by an industry standard 10-year warranty. Grates have a lifetime warranty

Note: You will need to obtain dry-pack mortar mix from your local hardware supply. 4 or 5 parts sand - 1 part portland cement is generally recommended.

How PSC Pro Kits Compare to the Competition

Features PSC Pro GEN II Shower Kit Schluter Kerdi Shower Kit Traditional Rubber Liner Install
Total Material Cost $$$$$ $$$$$$$ $$$$
Ease of installation and labor time ******** ******* **
Warranty 10 Year 10 Year NA
Choice of multiple brands of high quality modified thinset for easier and better bond You can use modified thinset with Pro Advanced shower kits You cannot use modified thinset with Schluter Kerdi You can use any thinset with the mud bed method
Drain grate colors 5 + 20
(Call for additional color options)
5 Varied per Brand
Riser/Grate construction cover included Pro Advanced shower curbs are optional and the curb sizes are customizable
Schluter Kerdi curb included
Limited curb options
Advanced mortar and grout locking design built into a stronger and more adjustable riser and drain assembly Pro Advanced shower curbs are optional and the curb sizes are customizable
Schluter Kerdi curb included
Limited curb options
Easily serviceable integrated hair trap Pro Advanced shower kits include a hair trap Schluter Kerdi shower kits do not include a hair trap Varied per Brand
No need for silicone sealant in joint or corners of grout lines PSC GEN II shower kits eliminate the need for use of adhesive Schluter Kerdi shower kits do not require Kerdi Fix Adhesive required
Can be easily modified for custom installs Pro Advanced shower pans can be modified easily Schluter Kerdi shower pans can be modified easily The whole installation is technically custom
Rigid, stable non-flexible drain flange reduces chance of failure Pro Advanced shower drain outperforms Schluter Kerdi shower drain Schluter Kerdi shower drain is flexible and prone to failure Purchased Separately
Waterproofing for walls included Pro Advanced waterproofing membrane outperforms Kerdi Schluter Kerdi included Purchased separately
Waterproofing seamlessly protects walls, floors and joints from moisture or cracking Pro Advanced waterproofing membrane outperforms Kerdi Schluter Kerdi included Not protected
Perm Rating for Steam Shower Installations
(TCNA recommends PERM rating of 0.5 or LOWER)
Pro Advanced perm rating is far better than the industry standard and the TCNA recommendation
(PERM rating of 0.07)
Schluter Kerdi does not meet TCNA recommendations for permeability
(PERM rating > 0.5)
Separately purchased liquid waterproofing
(Must use sheet membranes for steam shower protection)
Fully customizable curb options Pro Advanced shower curbs are optional and the curb sizes are customizable
(Solid curb, build your own curb, or no curb)
Schluter Kerdi curb included
(Curb always included)
Limited curb options
(Limited curb options)

Why a PSC Gen 2 Mud kit for Contractors and experienced DIY?

Rather than utilizing a pre-formed pan, these kits have been created to allow you to easily design and build your own custom pan with a single sloped layer of dry-pack mortar and dictate a customized drain location of your choice. These kits are particularly useful if your shower floor area is not a standard size, drain layout, or will include a complex shape. These kits are far less complicated and far more reliable than the traditional method of having to build a thin pre-slope concrete layer under a rubber liner, then draping and folding an unwieldy rubber liner behind wall board, and then finally floating a second sloped concrete floor over all of that. These kits allow you, the skilled contractor, to float a single sloped dry-pack floor where the waterproof is applied to the TOP. This PSC Gen 2 system will save you a lot of time while allowing your dry-pack skills to be put to work. There is no longer need to spend two days installing rubber liner then following up with liquid waterproofing for the walls.

PSC Pro kit waterproofing doesn't just end at the pan like a rubber liner! This system seamlessly waterproofs from the floor area to the walls and curb barrier as well! Unlike rubber liner installs that always have soaking wet concrete between the tile and the buried liner, PSC Gen 2 waterproofing keeps the sloped concrete bone dry. Unlike rubber-liner installs where grout typically cracks in the joints and corners, the WP waterproofing membrane in this PSC Pro kit provides anti-crack protection. The installer can use modern high-performance grout throughout the entire tile installation without fear of grout cracking issues.

Compared to older mortar-pan methods that required the tedious labor involved with two sloped floors and a buried vinyl/rubber liner, our modern PSC Pro Mud Kit creates a much faster, easier and fool-proof installation that utilizes superior "surface" membrane protection and next-generation drain systems. Continuous membrane protection from the drain throughout the pan area and continuously up the walls prevents not only damaging leaks but also prevents moisture penetration into the walls or floor at all! No moisture in the walls means no lingering moisture that can cause structural damage over time or fuel mold and mildew problems in the wall tile. Very high-moisture shower enclosures or steam showers can be installed with membrane

Unlike rubber liners that have to install under the wall board and cause the wall board to "bow" out, our WP surface membrane protects from the top. This allows you to build all of your substrates ahead of time, get them square, flat, level and plumb before you start the waterproofing process. The waterproofing membrane easily bridges and controls expansion gaps you will need between each wall board section.

The latest update now includes the PSC Pro GEN II drain flange. This flange features factory heat-bonded fleece to allow bonding of WP waterproofing membrane directly to flange without the need for an adapter. This flange has been specifically designed to allow for the easiest mud floor install ever! It's as simple as 1,2,3. Seat the flange to the sub-floor and glue into 2" plumbing, pack and float your sloped dry-pack mortar floor, and finish by applying waterproofing to all substrates.

The Pro Advanced Custom Shower Kit package includes:

  1. You choose SF of waterproof membrane needed - you may add custom amounts by adding more from the related product listing at checkout
  2. 5" WP Waterproofing Joint Strip in different lengths included related to amount of WP you choose:
    • 108 SF WP or less gets 33 LF band
    • 135 SF WP gets 41 LF of band
    • 216 SF WP gets 66 LF of band
    • 323 SF WP gets 98 LF of band
  3. 1 Pro Advanced GEN II Drain in ABS or PVC
  4. 1 Grate cover in your choice of color (unless NO GRATE chosen)
  5. 1 Grate Puller (Grate is screwless!)
  6. 1 Easily accessed integrated hair trap
  7. 4 Pre-formed waterproofing inside corners
  8. Outside corners for your curb/threshold are recommended but optional
  9. 1 Universal pipe seal
  10. 1 Mixing valve seal
  11. This kit assumes you build own curb (2x4 covered with wall board). Curb accessories can be optionally added to your cart from related product listings


  • Grate size: 3 3/4" x 3 3/4"
  • Features screw-less design and accommodates integrated hair trap
  • Comes with grate puller to easily lift grate for hair trap maintenance

Standard Grates

Drain Grate Cover Satin Nickel FinishSatin Nickel
Drain Grate Cover Chrome FinishChrome
Drain Grate Cover Copper FinishCopper
Drain Grate Cover Glossy BlackBlack
Drain Grate Cover Matte BlackMatte Black
Drain Grate Cover Brushed Nickel FinishBrushed Nickel
Drain Grate Cover Oil Rubbed Bronze FinishOil Rubbed Bronze
Drain Grate Cover Antique Brass FinishAntique Brass
Drain Tile-able Grate CoverTile-able Top

Stainless Steel Designer Grates

(To order your kit with one of the stainless steel grates, choose "NO GRATE" on this kit and add the designer grate of your choice to cart separately)


Waterproof shower Step11. Mark drain location
Waterproof shower Step22. Cut drain hole
Waterproof shower Step33. Install steel lathe
Waterproof shower Step44. Test fit drain flange
Waterproof shower Step55. Glue drain flange onto plumbing
Waterproof shower Step106. Mix dry-pack mortar
Waterproof shower Step127. Pack and shape floor
Waterproof shower Step138. Pack drain flange
Waterproof shower Step149. Perform final screed with straight edge
Waterproof shower Step1510. Sprinkle water, then smooth final surface
Waterproof shower Step1611. Install curb, if needed (handicap curb pictured)
Waterproof shower Step1712. Set inside corners
Waterproof shower Step1813. Install transition strip
Waterproof shower Step1914. Install wall membrane
Waterproof shower Step2015. Install floor membrane
Waterproof shower Step2116. Expose drain
Waterproof shower Step2217. Waterproof curb
Waterproof shower Step2318. Install outside corners
Waterproof shower Step2419. Test fit riser height and position
Waterproof shower Step2520. Thin-set riser and ring
Waterproof shower Step2621. Final riser adjustment
Waterproof shower Step2722. Ready for tile!

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