Schluter RONDEC STEP Anodized Aluminum Finishing and Edging Profiles

RONDEC STEP Anodized Aluminum Finishing and Edging Profiles by Schluter Systems


Available Accessories

Outside Corner for Schluter RONDEC-STEP

  • Outside Corners for Schluter RONDEC-STEP
  • Match height, tile thickness and finish with the profile
  • 90° or 135°


Inside Corner for Schluter RONDEC-STEP

  • Inside Corners for Schluter RONDEC-STEP
  • Match height, tile thickness and finish with the profile
  • 90° or 135°


Total: $42.62

Schluter RONDEC STEP Finishing and Edging Profiles

  • Finishing and edging profiles for ceramic tile and dimension stone installations on countertops and stairs.
  • 2.5 m (8') Length; for tile 8,10 or 12.5 mm (5/16", 3/8", 1/2") thick.
  • Anodized Aluminum; Optional outside and inside corners are available.

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Application and Function

Schluter-RONDEC-STEP is a finishing and edging profile for ceramic tile and dimension stone installations on countertops and stairs.

The profile features a trapezoid-perforated anchoring leg, which is secured in the mortar bond coat beneath the tile. The top of the profile features a symmetrically rounded edge with 1/4" (6 mm) radius, which matches the Schluter-RONDEC profile, while the vertical leg of the profile hides the exposed edge of the sub-assembly.

In addition, the profile effectively protects tiles in the edge area from mechanical and impact stresses. The integrated joint spacer establishes a defined joint cavity between the tile and the profile. Schluter-RONDEC-STEP is suitable for residential applications, e.g., stairs not exposed to heavy traffic, and counter tops.

Schluter-RONDEC-STEP is available in two different vertical leg lengths, 1-1/2" (39 mm) and 2-1/4" (57 mm), to cover the edge of the sub-assembly. The profile is available in anodized aluminum with various finishes to allow for decorative design and interesting accents. Matching corners for the RONDEC-STEP are available.

Available Sizes and Materials

RONDEC-STEP Finishing and Edging Profile
A - Hanging part height H = Tile thickness Profile Outside corner, 90° Outside corner, 135° Inside corner, 90° Inside corner, 135°
Satin anodized aluminum (AE)
39 mm - 1-3/8" 8mm - 5/16" RS80AE39 E90RS80AE39 E139RS80AE39 I90RS80AE39 I139RS80AE39
10mm - 3/8" RC100AE39 E90RS100AE39 E139RS100AE39 I90RS100AE39 I139RS100AE39
12.5mm - 1/2" RS125AE39 E90RS125AE39 E139RS125AE39 I90RS125AE39 I139RS125AE39
57 mm - 2-1/4" 8mm - 5/16" RS80AE57 E90RS80AE57 E139RS80AE57 I90RS80AE57 I139RS80AE57
10mm - 3/8" RS100AE57 E90RS100AE57 E139RS100AE57 I90RS100AE57 I139RS100AE57
12.5mm - 1/2" RS125AE57 E90RS125AE57 E139RS125AE57 I90RS125AE57 I139RS125AE57
Brushed chrome anodized aluminum (ACGB)
39 mm - 1-3/8" 8mm - 5/16" RS80ACGB39 E90RS80ACGB39 E139RS80ACGB39 I90RS80ACGB39 I139RS80ACGB39
10mm - 3/8" RC100ACGB39 E90RS100ACGB39 E139RS100ACGB39 I90RS100ACGB39 I139RS100ACGB39
12.5mm - 1/2" RS125ACGB39 E90RS125ACGB39 E139RS125ACGB39 I90RS125ACGB39 I139RS125ACGB39
57 mm - 2-1/4" 8mm - 5/16" RS80ACGB57 E90RS80ACGB57 E139RS80ACGB57 I90RS80ACGB57 I139RS80ACGB57
10mm - 3/8" RS100ACGB57 E90RS100ACGB57 E139RS100ACGB57 I90RS100ACGB57 I139RS100ACGB57
12.5mm - 1/2" RS125ACGB57 E90RS125ACGB57 E139RS125ACGB57 I90RS125ACGB57 I139RS125ACGB57
Satin nickel anodized aluminum (AT)
39 mm - 1-3/8" 8mm - 5/16" RS80AT39 E90RS80AT39 E139RS80AT39 I90RS80AT39 I139RS80AT39
10mm - 3/8" RC100AT39 E90RS100AT39 E139RS100AT39 I90RS100AT39 I139RS100AT39
12.5mm - 1/2" RS125AT39 E90RS125AT39 E139RS125AT39 I90RS125AT39 I139RS125AT39
57 mm - 2-1/4" 8mm - 5/16" RS80AT57 E90RS80AT57 E139RS80AT57 I90RS80AT57 I139RS80AT57
10mm - 3/8" RS100AT57 E90RS100AT57 E139RS100AT57 I90RS100AT57 I139RS100AT57
12.5mm - 1/2" RS125AT57 E90RS125AT57 E139RS125AT57 I90RS125AT57 I139RS125AT57
Brushed nickel anodized aluminum (ATGB)
39 mm - 1-3/8" 8mm - 5/16" RS80ATGB39 E90RS80ATGB39 E139RS80ATGB39 I90RS80ATGB39 I139RS80ATGB39
10mm - 3/8" RC100ATGB39 E90RS100ATGB39 E139RS100ATGB39 I90RS100ATGB39 I139RS100ATGB39
12.5mm - 1/2" RS125ATGB39 E90RS125ATGB39 E139RS125ATGB39 I90RS125ATGB39 I139RS125ATGB39
Satin copper/bronze anodized aluminum (AK)
39 mm - 1-3/8" 8mm - 5/16" RS80AK39 E90RS80AK39 E139RS80AK39 I90RS80AK39 I139RS80AK39
10mm - 3/8" RC100AK39 E90RS100AK39 E139RS100AK39 I90RS100AK39 I139RS100AK39
12.5mm - 1/2" RS125AK39 E90RS125AK39 E139RS125AK39 I90RS125AK39 I139RS125AK39
57 mm - 2-1/4" 8mm - 5/16" RS80AK57 E90RS80AK57 E139RS80AK57 I90RS80AK57 I139RS80AK57
10mm - 3/8" RS100AK57 E90RS100AK57 E139RS100AK57 I90RS100AK57 I139RS100AK57
12.5mm - 1/2" RS125AK57 E90RS125AK57 E139RS125AK57 I90RS125AK57 I139RS125AK57
Brushed copper/bronze anodized aluminum (AKGB)
39 mm - 1-3/8" 8mm - 5/16" RS80AKGB39 E90RS80AKGB39 E139RS80AKGB39 I90RS80AKGB39 I139RS80AKGB39
10mm - 3/8" RC100AKGB39 E90RS100AKGB39 E139RS100AKGB39 I90RS100AKGB39 I139RS100AKGB39
12.5mm - 1/2" RS125AKGB39 E90RS125AKGB39 E139RS125AKGB39 I90RS125AKGB39 I139RS125AKGB39
57 mm - 2-1/4" 8mm - 5/16" RS80AKGB57 E90RS80AKGB57 E139RS80AKGB57 I90RS80AKGB57 I139RS80AKGB57
10mm - 3/8" RS100AKGB57 E90RS100AKGB57 E139RS100AKGB57 I90RS100AKGB57 I139RS100AKGB57
12.5mm - 1/2" RS125AKGB57 E90RS125AKGB57 E139RS125AKGB57 I90RS125AKGB57 I139RS125AKGB57
Satin brass anodized aluminum (AM)
57 mm - 2-1/4" 8mm - 5/16" RS80AM57 E90RS80AM57 E139RS80AM57 I90RS80AM57 I139RS80AM57
10mm - 3/8" RS100AM57 E90RS100AM57 E139RS100AM57 I90RS100AM57 I139RS100AM57
12.5mm - 1/2" RS125AM57 E90RS125AM57 E139RS125AM57 I90RS125AM57 I139RS125AM57
Brushed brass anodized aluminum (AMGB)
39 mm - 1-3/8" 8mm - 5/16" RS80AMGB39 E90RS80AMGB39 E139RS80AMGB39 I90RS80AMGB39 I139RS80AMGB39
10mm - 3/8" RC100AMGB39 E90RS100AMGB39 E139RS100AMGB39 I90RS100AMGB39 I139RS100AMGB39
12.5mm - 1/2" RS125AMGB39 E90RS125AMGB39 E139RS125AMGB39 I90RS125AMGB39 I139RS125AMGB39
57 mm - 2-1/4" 8mm - 5/16" RS80AMGB57 E90RS80AMGB57 E139RS80AMGB57 I90RS80AMGB57 I139RS80AMGB57
10mm - 3/8" RS100AMGB57 E90RS100AMGB57 E139RS100AMGB57 I90RS100AMGB57 I139RS100AMGB57
12.5mm - 1/2" RS125AMGB57 E90RS125AMGB57 E139RS125AMGB57 I90RS125AMGB57 I139RS125AMGB57
Brushed Antique Bronze Anodized Aluminum (ABGB)
39 mm - 1-1/2" 8mm - 5/16" RS80ABGB39 E90RS80ABGB39 E135RS80ABGB39 I90RS80ABGB39 I135RS80ABGB39
10mm - 3/8" RS100ABGB39 E90RS100ABGB39 E135RS100ABGB39 I90RS100ABGB39 I135RS100ABGB39
12.5mm - 1/2" RS125ABGB39 E90RS125ABGB39 E135RS125ABGB39 I90RS125ABGB39 I135RS125ABGB39


  1. Select Schluter-RONDEC-STEP according to tile thickness.
  2. Using a notched trowel, apply thin-set mortar to the area where profile is to be placed.
  3. Press the perforated anchoring leg of profile into the mortar and align.
  4. Trowel additional thin-set mortar over the perforated anchoring leg to ensure full coverage and support of the tile edges.
  5. Solidly embed the tiles so that the tiled surface is flush with the top of the profile; the profile should not be higher than the tiled surface, but rather up to approx. 1/32" (1 mm) lower.
  6. Set the tile to the integrated joint spacer, which ensures a uniform joint of 1/16" - 1/8" (1.5 - 3 mm).
  7. Fill the joint completely with grout or setting material.
  8. Work with materials and tools that will not scratch or damage sensitive surfaces. Setting materials and grouts must be removed immediately, especially from anodized aluminum surfaces.


Schluter-RONDEC-STEP is available in anodized aluminum.

In special cases, the suitability of a proposed type of material must be verified based on the anticipated chemical, mechanical, and/or other stresses.

Schluter-RONDEC-STEP, in anodized aluminum, features an anodized layer that retains a uniform appearance during normal use. The surface, however, is susceptible to scratching and wear and may be damaged by grout or setting material. Cementitious materials, in conjunction with moisture, become alkaline. Since aluminum is sensitive to alkaline substances, exposure to the alkali (depending on concentration and duration of exposure) may result in corrosion (aluminum oxide formation). Therefore, it is important to remove mortar or grout residue immediately from visible surfaces. In addition, ensure that the profile is solidly embedded in the setting material and that all cavities are filled to prevent the collection of alkaline water.

Anodized aluminum is resistant to mold and bacteria, making the profile suitable for use around food.


Schluter-RONDEC-STEP requires no special maintenance or care and is resistant to mold and fungi. Clean the profile using common household cleaning agents.

Do not use abrasive cleaning agents.

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