Sargam Mosaic Tiles Glass Mosaic 1 x 1 Inch

Sargam Mosaic Tiles  Glass Mosaic 1 x 1 Inch  by Mridul


Sargam Mosaic Tiles Glass Mosaic 1"x1"

13 Inch by 13 Inch Sheets

Glass Mosaic tile

Mesh mounted mosiac tile

25 vibrant colors to choose from

Sargam Mosaic Tiles 1"x1" Glass Mosaic

With all the many colors available, Sargam easily adapts to any shape, color or design, with the ability to do murals, logos and much more. The imagination is the limit. Designs are pre-mounted with an installation guide, giving any individual the ability to install complex decor with ease.

  • Square shape: 2.5cm x 2.5cm or 1"x1"
  • Thickness: 3.8 mm or 3/16".
  • Joint: 1.6 mm or 1/16".
  • Weight: 7.2 kg per square meter or 1.47lb per square foot.

Available Tiles

50 50Sargam5050
51 51Sargam5151
52 52Sargam5252
53 53Sargam5353
54 54Sargam5454
55 55Sargam5555
56 56Sargam5656
59 57Sargam5757
58 58Sargam5858
59 59Sargam5959
59 60Sargam6060
59 61Sargam6161
62 62Sargam6262
63 63Sargam6363
64 64Sargam6464
65 65Sargam6565
66 66Sargam6666
67 67Sargam6767
68 68Sargam6868
69 69Sargam6969
70 70Sargam7070
71 71Sargam7171
72 72Sargam7272
73 73Sargam7373
74 74Sargam7474


  • Exterior walls
  • Facades, frescoes, swimming pools
  • Halls, corridors, bathrooms
  • Private interior floors
  • According to U.P.E.C. rating

Data sheet

  • The tiles are back-mounted on a fiber glass mesh, each sheet being a square of 32.58 cm, or 1.29 square feet.
  • The sheets are packed by 9 in cartons of 1.08 sq. meter, or 11.61 square feet per carton, and produced in square sheets of 13" x 13" pieces.
  • Borders are available by linear meter packs.

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